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Top 9 eCommerce Pain Points and Their Tech Driven Solutions

Top 9 eCommerce Pain Points and their Tech-Driven Solutions

If you own an e-commerce firm, what’s your pain point? eCommerce businesses have vast opportunities to grow in the market. The global ecommerce market will reach $6.3 trillion in 2023. And it will outgrow $8.1 trillion by 2026. But with the increased evolution of the digital landscape, there is so much to cover. Only digitizing is not enough to meet the user’s needs. There are several customer ecommerce pain points you should address timely. And if you want to know them, let’s dive in. 

What are customer ecommerce pain points

What are customer ecommerce pain points? 

Online shoppers are always looking for multiple checks before shopping. Nowadays, users are smart with the technology evolution. So, the issue is whether the user’s e-commerce pain points should get accurate results. Pain points are the crucial loopholes that consumers face in the shopping experience. So, it’s the responsibility of the ecommerce business owners to resolve them with the best solutions. It is the first step to make your business successful. 

Some eCommerce pain points with solutions

Some eCommerce pain points with solutions 

Here are some crucial pain points that users face with their solutions. 

Inaccurate product search 

Digitization has paved a long way in ecommerce. Because it has expanded its horizon to support users in various ways. It has introduced voice search, product filters, and user brand deals. So, the users who don’t feel connected aren’t convinced to buy any products. This leads to becoming eCommerce pain points for shoppers. Because the users won’t get the products they are searching for in your app. 

Solution:- Before presenting the ecommerce website to the users, don’t make your app complex. Don’t install complex navigation to confuse your users. The smarter an AI-based technology ecommerce solution you integrate into the search bar, the better results it will give to the end users. 

Lack of personalization  

If users don’t get the experience they wish for? They will leave the site. It’s that simple. You can’t keep people guessing what your ecommerce app is about. Users remember the name and products that they connect with. Because guessing the so fancy name wastes their time. So, manage your ecommerce website cost to choose the resonating name. 

Solution:- Try to keep your ecommerce business name as easy as possible. Also, align the advanced features that match the trends. And shoppers can easily navigate through it. Plus, the AI capabilities help to create campaigns and offer a perfect user experience.  

Managing huge orders  

It is one of the dominant ecommerce pain points in the industry. Because many times buyers get the wrong product. And then there is a whole process of returning it again and so on. So, this points to the poor management of the ecommerce stores. 

Solution:- Invest in an order management system to manage the complete order cycle. Because there are multiple orders, inventories, and user demands that you need to fulfill. So, an OMS can track the availability and shipment details. Plus, it brings transparency to the process. 

Slow loading speed 

Do you know the maximum loading time is 2 seconds you website should take? It is one of the worst and underestimated points in the ecommerce market. And card abandonment and installs are the consequences of this process. Because people don’t have time for your website to load.  

Solution:- Choose to optimize the ecommerce website development process. Check to reduce the content heaviness, unwanted plugins, and other SEO guidelines. You can pick the correct services and other integrations only after thorough analysis. 

Limited payment methods 

Online shopping invites multiple users on a unified platform. Because the online apps go places to many groups. But every user has their own choice for paying for products. Seeing the limited payment options increase ecommerce pain points and ruin the UX. So, getting more potential users on your ecommerce app is via an adaptable payment method. 

Solution:- Just like Amazon or Flipkart, try to include different payment methods. You should integrate reliable APIs for seamless payments. Plus, there are security features that click in the user’s minds. You can consult WooCommerce integration services for your help. So, never be stagnant with your choices. 

Cross-border ecommerce 

People in online ecommerce shops expect everything in new shops. And you should try to match these demands. Plus, if there are multiple users across the border try to add things as per their data. Because taxes, prices, and shipping prices will matter in this process.  

Solution:- You can add AI and another automation tool for support. Also, partner with other countries’ merchants. Because it will you get the best solution to the website with multiple users. You can get a WordPress website development company in India for assistance. 

Untimely server overload  

One of the common ecommerce pain points to check is server downtime. Although not for the users it also reflects your brand reputation. You can get a WordPress development company in India for your assistance. Because low-quality websites attract more security-prone pages. 

Solution:- Solving this issue won’t take much time in the base. Because this issue lies in the architecture. Make your server ready for heavy traffic with zero glitches and errors. So, try to focus on more accurate server integrations in the websites. You can hire WordPress developers in India for more assistance. 

Poor user support 

Users expect your website to be friendly. Such as they type ‘clothes’, a variety appears. If not they must go to the support system for a query. Your users will increase with time and you should have a way to manage them all. So, that the difficult scenarios won’t affect your reputation. You can implement chatbots for your app support. 

Solution:- Chatbots and other AI-enabled assistance can level up your website experience. Because it offers smart assistance to users. They can correct spellings, understand keywords, and offer 24/7 support. Also, it became quite evident in the modern world. 

Less cybersecurity measures 

Security is one of the crucial aspects of any ecommerce application. And it remains the primary element that wins the user’s trust. Because they will be attracted to the reliable and transparent site. Security certificates or reliable signs can make you users stay for long. Such as flexible payments, refund choices, BFPL options, etc. 

Solution:- Not just on the front end, you should secure your website on the back end too. Because the database will take care of crucial data sets of the users. So, to get the security on the front you should offer various security measures. Such as OTP or other authentication features.  

Potential of technical solutions to solve pain points

Potential of technical solutions to solve pain points 

These are some surface ecommerce pain points that need your crucial attention. While solving other points tech solutions work as the perfect solutions. Because businesses stay on top of these tech support trends. So, using the potential tech integration can solve multiple issues. Because several money-related issues need special concerns. Moreover, choosing the correct business model and partner is the key here. 

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Conclusion: ecommerce has a lot to give to the market than just profits. Because it is the mainstream sector that is growing at a rapid pace. Although there are some pain points discussed that need to be addressed. For more consideration, consult ecommerce website development services for your projects. 


Q. What is the eCommerce industry’s biggest pain point? 

Ans. These issues can include everything from bad website performance to security issues. Moreover, e-commerce still has a long way to go before it can keep up.  

Q. How can you transform challenges into chances? 

  • research on users. 
  • study user information.  
  • Establish user personas.  
  • User trip maps.  
  • Make pain points a priority. 

Q. What problems does data strategy have? 

Ans. Data silos are one of the main problems with B2B big data management. 

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