22 December

How to Build a Fashion Website with WordPress to Earn in 2024?

Are you looking to start a fashion website? But looking for the best tips to start with? WordPress has been the #1 choice for enterprise owners to launch a website. As, it is the best CMS that takes care of plugins, themes, content, APIs, etc. So, all you need for a fashion website with WordPress development is some tips. If you want to them, let’s explore to know more. 

Why use WordPress for fashion websites?

Why use WordPress for fashion websites? 

WordPress is highly customizable with multiple extensions to support various store needs. It comes as a relief to the enterprise owners to set up a website quickly. The themes are readily available and plugins are there to manage the store. Also, the fashion website with WordPress development becomes an easy task. 

As per reports, WordPress is used by 45.8% of all websites in 2023. And it means more than two out of every five websites use WordPress. 

Tips to create a fashion website with WordPress development

Tips to create a fashion website with WordPress development 

Here are some pointers you should keep while creating a website. 

Choose a domain name 

And it is the domain name that reflects your brand. A domain name is a unique address of your website that users see. That means it is visible to the world. So, when you are in the professional fashion business, choose the one that fits in. Simply, your domain name should be short, understandable, and easy. And if you try to convert your blog into a business try to pick one that reflects your brand.  

The fashion website with WordPress development starts with the basic steps. Try to keep the numbers or funky names on the sidelines. Avoid picking names that are irrelevant or copying from another brand. Instead, choose the name as per your niche. Or it can complicate the user’s choices and even they can’t feel connected. You can pick the name that your users most relate to and find your business reliable. 

Pick a reliable host 

So, after choosing a domain name you can now choose the reliable hosting plan. Choose a suitable plan from a trustworthy platform, such as WordPress. If you choose an incredible platform you get a lot of features to publish a blog or website. Do thorough research about the hosting providers. Pick the one with the capabilities to even transform to your present website.  

Easily choose the self-hosted WordPress version for uniqueness. As it helps to publish your blog quickly and customize it as per your choice. Go for customized WordPress plugin development for your website. Also before investing in any hosting plan, you must learn about various plans. Managed WordPress hosting is your best deal for the website.  

As it will manage the complete technical points from every corner. Try to check all the hosting providers before making the final decision. 

Narrow down your niche 

If you choose fashion as your main idea for the website, what will it include? Our idea is to help you identify the niche in which you can create a website. The fashion industry is huge. It ranges from pins to perfumes. So, if you want to invest in a meaningful website, try to narrow down your niche. 

 If you are a fashion enthusiast, check which area interests you. So, if you present a stellar fashion website, you must choose your niche. Get passionate if fashion interests you and dedicate it to your fashion website.  

If your fashion website with WordPress development starts with the basic steps it can be successful. So, you must figure out what makes you stand out. The narrower the niche, the more loyal users you will get. So, try to interest users with a product projection rather than laying everything. Consider your style first and what it communicates. If your fashion is into some mainstream or mixed styles. Then define what your website will serve to the users.  

Get a suitable WordPress theme 

After choosing your niche for the website, check which theme will go for your website. Pick the fashion theme that defines your unique fashion blog with WordPress. You will get plenty of it with WordPress. Because it offers multiple default themes.  

And allows you to customize for your unique store. Check if there are free, paid, or premium options available for you. Look for any options available to help you make your website professional.  

Although WordPress has a premium theme is the best choice if you want to present your uniqueness. Apart from the free, multiple templates and galleries WordPress has it all. But here is a quick tip. Get the WordPress support services to help you get the best theme. However, the present theme is to help you if don’t have any idea to start with.  

Create a consistent strategy 

Now, we come to an interesting part. Creating just a website is not the aim instead you should focus on blogging. But why? Blogging itself is a form of marketing that reaches out to a wider user group. So, try your hands at blogging to attract the right audience. But you must check past your content from 3 quantifiers: 

  • Quality 
  • Engagement 
  • Information 

When you create articles for your niche, try to do some research. About the latest topics, what users most search for, and engaging articles. Try to read what interests your users and what they will like next. Add keywords that help your blog to rank in the SERPs.  

Even it attracts more users to your fashion website. You can consult the WordPress upgrade service for more assistance. However, if you are new to this niche, research and research. It will help you understand the trends and demands deeply.  

Create a consistent publishing routine to increase the reliability factor. Get a complete overview of your competition. And how frequently they post to update their users. In this process don’t let the quantity override the quality of your content.  

Promote on social media 

Reaching out to people on social media is another game changer. You must have known about the latest influencer marketing. It helps to bring the right target audience with a strong authentic presence. However, for your fashion website with WordPress development, you should follow a social strategy. Check how your competitors do it.  

You can easily promote the blog on the social site and give links to buy from the website. So, this way you promote the best user group from a single site. WordPress allows you to join your accounts to share the links easily. It is the best way to increase the traffic volume and attract new users to your site.  

Try to expand your audience with more creative promotional strategies. Integrate the popular channels on your blog to optimize its performance and reach various people. 

Monetize the fashion website

Monetize the fashion website 

If you try to earn money with your passion, there are some simple ways to do it. You just need some strategies on the checklist to run a profitable business. Here’s a look at them. 

  • Affiliate marketing  

It is one of the best yet affordable ways to make money. You just need to promote the brand you like and the products they sell. Keep an eye on what products your favorite brands sell and what affiliate programs they make.  

  • Sell eBooks  

Try your hands at making ideas in the fashion industry. Look for the training, trends, and other experiences you want to include in the books. Share your thoughts on fashion website with WordPress development via eBooks.  

  • Create products  

You can even try to sell products on your website. There can be any fashion product that you only know. Or try to sell some accessories to help your users get it from you. 

  • Offer online course 

If you have the professional skills to teach others? Then try to create online courses with others who are new to the industry. It can be a quick tip guide or tutorials on how to do makeup. So, it can be a strategic move to make in the fashion vertical. 

  • Place ads 

You can easily earn from advertising. So, try to place your ads in your blog and sign up for an account on Google Adsense to earn money. 

Conclusion: If you are looking for a platform to launch your first website WordPress is the best. Majorly, because of the plugins, APIs, and themes it offers for the websites. But if you get a WordPress website development company in India, they can help you more. 


Q. What is the price of WordPress?  

Ans. WordPress is free to use because it is open-source software. However, you will need to pay for a domain name, hosting, and premium themes and plugins.  

Q. Can I sell WordPress-created websites? 

Ans. It is entirely possible to earn from the sale of your WordPress site. However, it is not always simple. 

Q. Is WordPress profitable? 

Ans. Yes. You may earn money from a WordPress website in a variety of ways. You can sell goods and services, provide unique content, launch courses, display advertisements, and publish affiliate links. 

Q. Is eCommerce supported by WordPress? 

Ans. WordPress is the most popular CMS platform, and it is also an alternative for eCommerce firms.  

Q. Is WordPress used for marketing? 

Ans. Finally, because of its user-friendliness, SEO friendliness, customization choices, mobile responsiveness, content marketing skills, and social network integrations, WordPress has shown to be an important tool for digital marketers.

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